Professional Custom Packaging Design for a Strong Brand Identity

The term “custom packaging design” may sound like a job for the arts and crafts student, or even a pop culture reference from an episode of Star Trek. In truth, however, custom packaging design jobs are available almost everywhere. From food products and clothing to bottled beverages and electronics, there is a custom packaging design project that is waiting to be filled. With the increase of products going digital and shipping in record numbers, there is no longer any reason to compromise on Read more […]

The Benefits Of Using A Custom Printed Packaging Company

The need for custom printed packaging has been growing over the years. From food containers to promotional items, businesses can now get their name, logo, slogan and even message on any product they want to market. Although the popularity of custom printed packaging is on the rise, some people don’t understand the advantages of it. Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits of using custom printed packaging. A custom printed packaging allows for maximum impact. If you’re targeting a Read more […]

Packaging Boxes Manufacturers Providing Wholesale Packaging Services

With so many different options on the market nowadays, it is no wonder why packaging boxes manufacturers are booming. One of the most in demand categories are those that are used to package candles. Many people who use candles regularly are looking for ways to get the products in and out of their home without having to leave the house. There are a lot of different options that make packaging something that consumers of this type of product are after. Whether you are a candle enthusiast or Read more […]

Black Packaging Boxes are Great

Packaging boxes are not only used for packing or for shipping, they are also a very important part of many businesses and households. The great thing about them is that there is a lot of variety in the materials they can be made of. This means you will always find something that suits your needs perfectly, whether you need to use a box to store an expensive item or simply something to store paper, clothes or other items. You can use these boxes in so many different ways, from a simple storage Read more […]

Eco-Friendly Retail Wholesale Packaging Boxes

Many of the leading companies across the US and Canada are offering free shipping services for their packaging products. These companies not only ship to your location, but also provide you with a catalogue of products that they have available at highly discounted prices. They will even do the packaging for you in your location, should you require it. Many companies will also provide you with an installation kit. Once you have received these services, all you have to do is pack your items and Read more […]

What Is Poor Packaging? – Learn More About This Problem

There are many reasons why a good packaging and shipping service can fail and understanding what the common causes are will help you to prevent this from happening to your business. When a company sends out goods, they should always make sure that they have a package tracking number on the package so that if the package becomes lost or damaged, they know exactly where it is. Most companies will also include a signature strip with each package, but even if a company does not include one, Read more […]

Do Customers Care About Packaging?

In a recent survey we conducted among UK consumers, the majority of people indicated that they did not care about the packaging of goods that they purchased. The reasons given were that they thought that the packaging was not so important and did not think any more about it than the price. It seems that customers care less about the packaging of a product when they purchase it, than they do about the price or the brand name. When it comes to brand names, the importance that they hold Read more […]

What is difference between packing and packaging?

What is the difference between packing and packaging? Well, both are used for the same purpose i.e. transport of goods from one place to another. However, packing comes first as it is more concerned with keeping the goods safe and protected while packing comes after. Packaging is used to protect the goods that are to be transported. Packing can also be used to de-clutter the place that the things are kept so that it is easy to locate and retrieve them when needed. Now, let us look at Read more […]

What Are the 3 Types of Packaging?

In the modern age, a lot of packages has been created to help with making products available to consumers. Packaging is the medium that is used to hold all of these products together in one way or another. We have all seen packaging in our everyday lives, whether it be in the grocery store a clothing store, a movie theater, or even a business office. There is a wide variety of different types of packaging out there for different products, but how do you know which type is right for your product Read more […]

11 Benefits of Industry Packaging

There are numerous benefits of industry packaging. The main advantage is that this type of packing helps to protect the goods being transported from damage while being transported from one location to another. The protection is in the form of physical and chemical barriers. Depending on the type of material being transported, certain protective measures may be in place. The packaging is also important for the same reason as it helps to ensure that the product remains safe during transport. The Read more […]