Printn-Pack Packaging Company

Today we want to introduce Printn Pack Packaging Company. They are a one stop packaging company with printing cabilities for world wide needs.

Currently they have 4 production factories at Profeather (Dongguan) Printing Co., Ltd, Finestar (Dongguan) Printing Co.,Ltd, Finestar (Cambodia) Printing Co., Ltd, Bun World Group(Cambodia) Carton Co.,Ltd

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Their main packaging products include

  • Paper packaging box
  • Color printed paper boxes
  • Handmade cardboard boxes
  • Paper bags, paper printing cards
  • Hang tags, Label stickers
  • Manuals
  • Other paper products.

Their packaging machinery comprises some of the world’s top imaging CTP output devices, high-speed paper cutting machines, and advanced printing pressers (6+1KBA,7+1KBA) with high production capacity backed with a team of strong sales team, designers and computer graphic drawing professionals.

They factories also housed a full range of post-processing equipments, including German made SPS full-auto spot UV machine, gilding press machines, paper polishing & varnishing machines, film laminating machines, card and corrugated paper pasting machine, embossing machine, box folding & gluing machine, gift box shaping machine, etc, and many automatic production lines to meet the demands of their clients.

Their factories have passed and obtained many global certificates, such as FSC, G7, ISO9001, ISO14001,SGS. Their operation is managed by experienced quality control personnel who operates and perform various quality control tests, such as constant temperature and humidity tests, simulating transportation vibration testing machine, two-wing package drop testing machine, burst strength testing machine, ink peeling machine, etc.

They also employed automatic full inspection machine run by computer to test the finished products, to ensure the quality of the products.

Clients can keep track of the whole production process through an application in their mobile device.

Printn-pack packaging company can help to enhance your company’s brand value with a consistent and one stop services of quality printing & packaging solutions. (from design, production till distribution).

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