5 Packaging News in 9 August 2022

Packaging news in August 2022 features a number of developments in the packaging industry. Some of these innovations include the biodegradable, compostable paper pouch, and biopolymer nanocomposite. Others address issues such as the challenges of real-time authentication in packaging and the potential for sustainable packaging. Demand for flexible green packaging set to increase to $317.6 billion by 2027 In the coming years, the global market for flexible packaging will expand rapidly. Read more […]

Packaging Benefits For Automotive Industry

Returnable packaging for the Automotive industry has several benefits. These packages can be used over again, and they can also be repaired, which saves on costs and waste. They also boost a company’s image as an environmentally-friendly business. In addition, the returnable packaging allows the parts to be shipped directly to the assembly line, thereby eliminating the need for random storage points. Automotive experts can also forecast the needs of assembly lines, making it possible for Read more […]