Professional Custom Packaging Design for a Strong Brand Identity

The term “custom packaging design” may sound like a job for the arts and crafts student, or even a pop culture reference from an episode of Star Trek. In truth, however, custom packaging design jobs are available almost everywhere. From food products and clothing to bottled beverages and electronics, there is a custom packaging design project that is waiting to be filled. With the increase of products going digital and shipping in record numbers, there is no longer any reason to compromise on a custom package.

custom packaging design

The best thing about these projects is the fact that they do not require any previous art, or graphic design experience. A talented crowdsourced designer can come up with stunning concepts, incorporating any number of images and colors to create a design that is truly unique and eye-catching. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to work in all sizes, whether large or small. A custom packaging design firm can handle the design for trade shows, conventions, special events, holiday wrapping, and even corporate promotional merchandise. These firms often take on additional staff to deal with the packaging aspect of larger projects, but designers working alone can handle everything from conceptualizing a product to actually putting it all together. From concept to final printing and assembly, a crowdsourced designer can put together a winning package that will get your brand seen by millions.

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One of the hottest custom packaging design trends is food and beverage themed products. From custom candy bars shaped like popular beverages like Frosty the Snowman and Baby Mousse to custom bottled water, sports drink, and hot tea kits, people love anything and everything associated with their favorite beverage or sport. Candy, drink mixes, and hot teas are especially popular because they are easy to display and provide something extra for customers to enjoy on their own. Candy canes and snow cones are always a favorite, but some other sports-related items also work well, such as shelf bras for volleyball and golf balls for golf.

Brand Identity Another major trend in custom packaging design is the branding of individual products. For example, a catering company might create cutting-edge catering equipment packaging that has the company logo proudly displayed. Other common brands can feature branding on individual products, especially if the product has a unique design or concept. A hot dog carton packaging with the logo of McDonald’s is a great example of how a simple label can provide a powerful branding message. Other examples include eyewear and sunglasses packaging with their logo, or a designer handbag packaging with a designer’s name and number on the side.

Effective Marketing One of the key elements of successful brand marketing involves the creation of an effective marketing plan. The design process should be part of any business development plan to make sure the brand is getting the attention it deserves. In addition, effective marketing takes into consideration the target market, which means the audience that the product will appeal to most. Successful marketing requires that both design and marketing are planning during the product packaging design process to ensure that the right messages are being conveyed.

Many of today’s best-known brand packaging designers offer custom packaging design services to clients in the food and beverage industry. Some of these package design professionals have created award-winning customer support systems, including interactive touch screen kiosks, as well as point-of-purchase displays and loyalty programs for restaurants. If you are looking to create a custom package design, then contact one of today’s award-winning customer support package design companies to discuss your options. They will consult with you and develop a plan that works for your business. After all, a custom packaging design provides a streamlined method for communicating your brand’s unique attributes and providing consumers with a chance to identify with your product.

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